Tristan and Damia – Siblings with a plan!

Tristan is 12 years old and has wanted to become a glassblowing artist since he was 8. He’s taken numerous one-day classes where he’s made pumpkins with a lot of help from the studio artists.

Damia is 11 years old and has wanted to learn glassblowing since she was 7. She’s made pumpkins and ornaments with a lot of help from the studio artists.

Our love of glass began when we were young and were mesmerized by the beautiful art we saw in the stores. Our mom would let us look, but not touch! Now that we’re old enough, we want to make our own.

Together as Molten Moon, we are learning the fine art of glassblowing from the ground up. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Follow along as we start with the basics… You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, too!

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Big Dreams

We’re a couple of kids with BIG glassblowing dreams! As homeschooled middle-schoolers, our dream is to learn from masters in every U.S. state, every province in Canada, and (if we’re lucky!) spend some time in Murano – all before we graduate high school! We’re well on our way… our first classes are with the amazing …